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Intrinsic Light – How to overexpose the Nights magic

In this portfolio, I present a current selection of images I did while attending the Module "Positions & Practice" for the MA Photography Course at Falmouth University. As I have described it in more detail in my Research Project Proposal, the main topic is the Night.

The portfolio contains four chapters: I start with the first portraits I took for the project. As legends, you will find here only an excerpt of the complete interviews. The full versions will be shown later.

It is followed by "Good Light/ Bad Light" about different nocturnal light sources, both natural and artificial. Continued by shots with the light around the streets, it ends with nightly scenes and how buildings appear in the Night, lit mostly by artificial light.

This portfolio is also available as PDF.

Where are you at night?

Youness, 18: Is currently taking his technical baccalaureate. One of his favourite places at night is a local cafe. He likes this place to meet up with friends and plan the evening. He also agreed to be photographed in the scariest place for him, the forest. We will take this image later.

Laura, 19: She is training to be a dental nurse. About the cafe where we met, she says it is a friendly place. Itˋs quiet although in the middle of the city. An excellent place to relax after work.

Anna, 86: She's been a widow for five years and lives alone. She showed me her favourite place in the night: Her husband's previous study, the smallest room in a huge house. Here she prefers to sit and watch television or read. The living room next door is too big for her; she feels lost there.

Katrin, 30: A mechanical engineer in her principal occupation, she's been writing since she was 15 and received some awards for her work. The balcony of her apartment, although located on a main street, is for her a place to relax, read, drink tea.

Good Light/Bad Light

On the road

Buildings and Light

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