Work in Progress Portfolio | PHO702


This portfolio deals with a sculptor's studio and its owner, Christoph Kappesser. Since the 1980s he works in this place, located in Darmstadt, in the backyard of an ordinary block of flats. The fact that Christoph spent most of his life in this location and that he, due to his poor health, is not able to produce new works since a few years forced the wish to document this place and his resident.

This project is currently displayed in a local gallery (Galerie Will, Darmstadt), together with a selection of Christoph's sculptures. For more information about the project, I refer to my »Critical Review of Practice«.

The portfolio is part of my work for module PHO702 »Informing Contexts« of the MA photography Course at Falmouth University. 

Outside of the studio

The entrance

Besides sculpting, Christoph also draws and paints. For a while, he worked as a drawing teacher at an art academy.

Christoph in his studio

One of his smaller sculptures

Studio sounds: This image is used as a 3x3 metres wallpaper in the exhibition. When the gallery is open, sounds from the studio (hammer, chisel, …) are played.

Sometimes he is still working on his sculptures

Sitting and thinking

In the atelier's courtyard

Plaster and wax figures, the basis for the later bronze casting

A look into the archive: A small shed behind the studio, full of bronze sculptures

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