Mission 760

24. December 1944

8th Air Force 760 24 DECEMBER 1944

1. Decision.

Weather forecast at the afternoon conference indicated that high pressure center would be situated over the southwest Germany, causing a condition of no cloud in the bases and in the target areas. 

 It was upon this forecast that the decision was made to dispatch a maximum effort of heavy bombers, which was to be the largest mission yet airborne. Targets were selected in the area of Frankfurt and the battle line.

 2. Force.

3rd bomb division was to dispatch all available operational aircraft on airfields at Gross Ostheim, Darmstadt/Griesheim, Biblis, Babenhausen, Frankfurt/Rhein Main and Zellhausen. This would consist of approximately twenty three groups of 36 A/C each. 

3. Plan.

All divisions were to depart UK and penetrate southeast to the target areas.

3rd division was attacking down-wind from the northeast in order to minimize the effect of anti-aircraft defenses in the target areas.

(‘8th Air Force 760 | American Air Museum in Britain’ 2021)

»The detonation sequence of the carpet of bombs that then fell can indeed only be compared to a deafening drum roll that made the earth, buildings and people shake and would not stop. Almost 1400 heavy explosive bombs and just as many stick bombs had fallen in a short time. Bluish powder smoke lay over the community when people could venture out into the open again.«

(Knapp 1985: 110)

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