Souvenir of Germany

The Artists Book

The case contains the book and six folders for the pop-ups. »Tar paper« covers it – a mid-layer in construction work with an appearance reminding cast iron. This fits because guns are made of them. It will get patina over time, corresponding to the buildings. The initial use as a layer in building floors connects to the images metaphorically because they consist of layers and show the layers of history.

The screw-bound book contains my own and archival images accompanied by short texts. It is bound in grey linen, as the folders, showing one image and embossed text on the front. The reduced design contrasts with the colourful pictures inside.

To present some images bigger and show additional content, a few pages are laid out in a broader format as fold-outs. A side effect of this is that a third intermediate image appears until the page unfolds.

The Pop-ups

Crucial for this project was the expansion into the third dimension. One of these are the pop-ups that accompany the book.

In my eyes, pop-ups are photographic sculptures. Similar to the montages, they narrate a historical episode. It is another, more playful access to history. It is a positive aspect because I observed that even people with less interest in history started asking questions and thinking about it.

Furthermore, I interpret it as a democratic method to bring object art to somebodies home. Usually, an object in an exhibition is shown in the catalogue as an image only – here, the visitor can take it home because, in contrast to other sculptures, their production is affordable.

At this time, everything is handmade in cooperation with a bookbinder. A version in a larger, less elaborate way of production is possible and will follow.

The Episodes

Using Format