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14. Stock (14th floor)

This is a photo essay that explores perspectives, points of view, and light painting. It is a visual diary that depicts stories from everyday office life around my former workplace.

From April 2017 until September 2019, I worked on the 14th floor of a high-rise building called »Kastor«, next to the Frankfurt Trade Fair. With my relocation from a rather uniform, enclosed office area in a small town to the lively quarter around Frankfurt's »Platz der Einheit«, my curiosity to discover was awakened. I observe with interest how the light changes the buildings during the day, where people work, live, or even linger briefly as trade fair visitors. I see what changes and what remains constant and make a point of capturing what I see. The outcome is a subjective description of the place, a topographical sketch of light, shadow, structure, and colours.

I have presented the photo series in two books: »14. Stock« and »Miniaturen«. For the latter, I collaborated with author Katrin Pitz ( She wrote twelve brief stories that accompany my photos.

The Videos

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