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The Absence of the Train Driver Sketches

The book contains 14 track plans or sketches my father-in-law made. I defined the sequence here because the original drawings weren't dated. It starts with plans for »Anlage 1«, followed by one intermediate and then all »Anlage 2«-plans I found. The last two are very reduced, maybe not finished, but in this edit, they also simulate a fade, like fading memories, a fade into the blue of distance…

All cyanotypes were reproduced and printed on a fragile Japanese Papier, which very well simulates the old blueprint technique. Everything is covered by a cardboard envelope, reminding of an old loose-leaf binder.

Published: 2024
Dimensions: 18 x 26 cm
14 pages with 14 illustrations, printed on Japanese paper, cardboard folder as envelope
Thread binding

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