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BBA Photography Prize: Finalist & 2nd prize winner Marcel Rauschkolb (Image: Herveline Cremmer)


Marcel Rauschkolb is a photographer and visual artist from Griesheim, Germany. Starting as an advertising photographer and lab technician, he constantly expanded his knowledge in workshops and masterclasses (e.g. with Simon Norfolk, Bruno Barbey, Rob Hornstra, among others). He holds an M.A. (dist.) in Photography from Falmouth University.

He is a member of the photographer's collective »The Long Exposure« and acts as a jury member for the Darmstadt Days of Photography's »Merck-Prize« and chairman of the »Förderverein Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie e.V.«

In the past, he took a documentary approach, focusing on the mundane, often overlooked. His interests shifted towards subjects with a historical reference or including vintage artefacts. His most used media are still photography and film, including his own and archive imagery. In the last three years, due to a shift in subjects, his work expanded towards rephotography, collage, and photographic objects.

His work was shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Germany and the UK.

  • 09.2019 – 08.2021 MA Photography (dist.), Falmouth University

  • 10.1994 – 09.1995 BA professional in Marketing-Communications, IMK (Privates Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation), Wiesbaden

  • 08.1989 – 07.1991 Certified Photographer, POOL Studios and Peter-Behrens-Schule, Darmstadt

Courses and career development:
  • 2023 Photobookmaking Workshop, Tomasz Laczny

  • 2022 »Bath School of Photography – A Short Guide to History, Theory, and Practice«, Colin Pantall

  • 2021 Simon Norfolk Masterclass, Belfast Photo Festival

  • 2018 Ideas into actions, Mathieu Asselin

  • 2018 DIY Publishing, Rob Hornstra

  • 2017 Watching the Street, Bruno Barbey

  • 2016 Being – The Photographic Portrait, Göran Gnaudschun

  • 2015 Storytelling with Pictures, Jane Evelyn Atwood

  • 2014 Documentary Photography Project – Story Telling and Photo Essay, Jonathan Torgovnik

  • 2013 Magnum Photos Masterclass, Chris Steele-Perkins

Educational roles:
  • 09.2021 – today Kunsthalle Darmstadt, art education

  • 10.2022 Taunus-Kunst-Triennale 2, Stadtmuseum Hofheim, jury member

  • 2020 – today Merck-Preis, Darmstadt Days of Photography, jury member

  • 2019 – today Darmstadt Days of photography, chairman friend's association, curator



  • 09.023 »Souvenir of Germany – New works«, Wagenhalle Griesheim

  • 07.2022 – 10.2022 »Damals – Autrefois – Then«, Outdoor, Griesheim

  • 10.2021 »Souvenir of Germany«, Wagenhalle, Griesheim

  • 03.2020 – 09.2020 »Encounters«, with sculptor Christoph Kappesser, Galerie Will, Darmstadt

  • 05.2019 – 08.2019 »14th Floor« with author Katrin Pitz, Schauraum, Darmstadt

  • 11.2018 – 01.2019 »14th Floor«, Kastor Tower, Frankfurt

  • 03.2017 – 04.2017 »Touching from a Distance«, Kulturmetzgerei, Seeheim

  • 09.2016 – 10.2016 »Touching from a Distance«, Galerie Will, Darmstadt


  • 02 – 03.2024: »Double Exposure«, BBA Gallery Berlin

  • 11 – 12.2023: »BBA Photography Prize«, Kühlhaus Berlin

  • 05.2023 »Grey Light«, Kunsthalle Darmstadt/ Studio West (as part of The Long Exposure Collective and the Darmstadt Days of Photography)

  • 03.2023 »So Many Things I Had Thought Forgotten«, CentreSpace Gallery, Bristol (as part of The Long Exposure Collective)

  • 02.2023 »So Many Things I Had Thought Forgotten«, Walford Mill, Wimborne (as part of The Long Exposure Collective)

  • 11.2022 »So Many Things I Had Thought Forgotten«, Four Corners Gallery, London (as part of The Long Exposure Collective)

  • 10.2022 »So Many Things I Had Thought Forgotten«, Regionalgalerie Südhessen, Darmstadt (as part of The Long Exposure Collective)

  • 10.2021 »Realities Constructed«, Four Corners Gallery, London

  • 08.2021 »Source: Graduate Photography Showcase«

  • 08.2021 »Landings 2021«

  • 08.2020 – 07.2021 »Landings 2020«

  • 2024: Urbanautica Institute Awards 2023, special mention for »The Absence of the Train Driver«

  • 2023: BBA Photography Prize 2023 , 2nd prize for »Conquering Mountains«

  • 2023:  Urbanautica Institute Awards 2022, shortlisted with »Conquering Mountains«

  • 2022: Urbanautica Institute Awards 2021, shortlisted with »Souvenir of Germany«

  • 2021: Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020, shortlisted with »Greetings from the Parade Ground«

  • 2021: Scholarship of the Hessian Cultural Foundation within the framework of the programme »Cultural Package II: Opening Perspectives, Securing Diversity«

  • 07.2021 »Es gilt die Details der Welt zu dokumentieren«, G. Hausl, Darmstädter Echo

  • 03.2021 »Landscape of Remembrance. What for?«, S. Bisson, Urbanautica

  • 03.2020 »Brücke in die Wirklichkeit«, R. Held, Darmstädter Echo

  • 07.2019 »Frankfurter Miniaturen«, A. Krämer-Alig, Darmstädter Echo

  • 11.2018 »Eine Einführung zu den Fotografien von Marcel Rauschkolb«, A. Lechner

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