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Wiggle Pics

In »Archivum«, I conducted experiments to explore alternative ways of displaying photographic objects beyond the conventional approach of framing and hanging them on a wall. I aimed to discover how different display modes can impact viewers' interactions with the images and the stories they convey.

During my experiments with pop-up objects (see the »Souvenir of Germany«-book), I discovered that people engage more with an artwork when a playful approach is taken, and it also opens their minds to a subject they were not interested in if brought to them in another way. One particularly effective method is the use of wiggle pics, which are images that alternate between two slightly different angles. Wiggle pics can be used to visualise different levels of time or state of a place or object. For example, a building reduced to rubble may still reveal recognisable traces of its former state. Furthermore, wiggle pics can display simultaneously an outside and inside view and an intermediate image that appears from a particular angle, which adds a visually interesting aspect.

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