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Zwei Worte

These two small volumes result from my contribution to an event celebrating the 125th birthday of German author Elisabeth Langgässer. For this, I designed four panels with archive and my own images. One panel showed vintage postcards with motifs of the old military site written by French soldiers who were there from 1919 until 1930.


All texts were translated into German for the exhibition so visitors could gain insights into the everyday things that kept the soldiers busy. I have chosen to display this collection of images and texts because Langgässer lived and worked in Griesheim during the French occupation and described this time in her novels »Grenze Besetztes Gebiet« and »Der Gang durch das Ried«.


The title refers to a phrase that French people used to introduce letters and postcards.

Published: 2024
Dimensions: 72 x 100 mm (each volume)
16 pages and a concertina with 12 postcards (each)
Cardboard with thread binding and red/ white elastic band, handmade 

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