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Paddock Pit Lane Track

Paddock, Pit Lane, track: the three main locations of motorsport events.

The Paddock is where everything begins. A few days before the main event, an empty open space comes to life, transforming into a little village of motorsport enthusiasts. They set up tents, mobile homes and, of course, their racing cars. Walking through this area, you'll see scenes with a calm character, like people chatting or taking lunch breaks and busier ones with guys working intently on setting up their cars. People in casual clothes mix with drivers in their suits, and cars are everywhere, some fully assembled and others in various stages of repair or setup.

The Pit Lane marks the second chapter of the race. As the event draws closer, the atmosphere becomes busier. The cars are now in the pit building or on the track, with engines started and some revving up while warming up. Teams make last-minute adjustments to the cars, and more drivers arrive, fully dressed in overalls and safety gear. Some are quiet and focused, while others share information about the track or cars. Fans walk around, taking photos of nearly every car on display. Highlights include snapshots of famous drivers visiting the event. Track marshals try to get visitors to a safer area of the pit lane while the first cars are off to their grid positions, getting ready for the start.

The track is the last chapter of the race. The cars now drive at maximum speed on the straights before slowing down for upcoming curves. More and more people arrive at the stands, looking for a good spot to watch the races. Meanwhile, the racers pass by, and from lap to lap, the pack starts to separate. Not all the cars will finish the race; some will encounter tyre problems or blown engines. But in the end, all will meet again at the Parc Fermé.

This book combines two things I'm passionate about: historic motorsports and the Hockenheimring. This is a selection of pictures taken at the Jim Clark Revival (2008), Hockenheim Historic in Memory of Jim Clark (2009 & 2010), and at the Akademisches (2008).

Published: 2010
Dimensions: 330 x 280 mm
120 pages with 124 photographs
Clothbound with dust jacket
Sold out

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